So Here We Begin Our Journey Journal,

We are so incredibly happy to be where we are today. A couple of years ago, Eman Idil Designs was only a figment of our childhood fantasies, a pipe dream we never thought would be realized. Now, we're here, albeit a small "here" but we are a tangible and real brand with so much growing potential. We have no one to thank for that apart from the Universe, our supportive EI family and all of you- that is friends, buyers, long-time relationships and more.
This is our first  blog post written by the team at EI Designs. Each blog post might be written by someone else but together, we would like to thank you for joining us in this journey. It's a train to heights we have yet to imagine; it'll be a difficult one, with many moments of frustration, fabric drenched in tears, laughter over chai and standing-ovations but it's our journey and we can't wait to share it with you. This blog will be home to our musings, experiences, or just fashion/beauty fillers. It will mature and grow as we do. Welcome Home!

Eman, Meriem & Salha

eman bare